Gaulé au Goa

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R- : i'm back :-)

w- : you're back! poor baby. what happened?

R- : pickpocket

w- : horrible.

R- : in Goa (nda: un restaurant chic sur Andrassy ut. les Champs-Elysees de Budapest)

w- : no way. even worse!

R- : yeah

R- : and I had insisted with Maryse and André to go to a nice restaurant under the condition that i'd get the bill

R- : and couldn't pay it - nimodo

w- : oh god! que horror!

w- : well -- it's happened to all of us at least once in our lives.

w- : but otherwise ok?

R- : yes – Jutka was tremendously helpfull at the Police station

w- : did you go out out?

R- : no

R- : unless a police station counts as going out (which Fede might ;-)

R- : till 1am :-(

w- : we all might consider that valid.

w- : listen – money-wise, you need help?

R- : yes - please - i need help. bank is closed and Mimi nimodo si no monnaie

w- : yes yes yes yes. of course!... let me check my balance

w- : if not, I will invoke plan b.

R- : selling yourself in S.K.P.? (un bordel pour vieux messieurs teutons a la recherche de jeune chair fraiche tcheque)

w- : there, we'd go as a package deal....

R- : LoL

w- : ok. must finish cooking for tonight. i think food already disaterous!

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