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Czechs are Europe's leading marijuana smokers

The Czech Republic ranked first in terms of its number of marijuana smokers, Viktor Mravcik from the National Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction told journalists yesterday.

According to the annual report based on data from the EU members states as well Norway, Bulgaria and Romania, marijuana use among young adults was the highest in the past year in the Czech Republic (22.1 percent).

The Czech Republic also appears to be among the leading European countries when it comes to the use of other narcotics, such as the party drug ecstasy, the psychoactive Psilocybe mushroom and metamphetamine (pervitine), according to the data the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) released yesterday.

According to the report more than one fifth of EU countries' adult inhabitants have used narcotics or marijuana. Mravcik said that the indicator reflected the number of the people experimenting with the drug, not regular drug addicts. Young Czechs tend to use the drug as a form of entertainment.

The EU has also warned of the growing number of cocaine users. Mravcik said that cocaine only rarely appears in the Czech Republic. For Czechs, it is too expensive. Most Czechs who want to try some a cocaine-lie drug prefer pervitine, he added. The latters' number slightly rose in the past year, Mravcik said.

Some 20,300 Czechs used the drug intensively for a long time, most of them through injection, he added.

The incidence of infection among Czech drug users is stable, but the falling number of HIV check-ups in the group of injection drug users was alarming, Mravcik said.

F: On connait quelqu'un qui a contribué a ces statistiques?

Ced: La Reine Victoria - oh mais non! chuis con, elle est deja morte...

F: Ah bon?!? elle a fait une overdose?...

Remi: a en juger sur ses dernieres photos, elle a du faire une overdose de muffins et de scones...

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