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My plants bear the name of those friends who offered them to me. Belinda was a friend dear to my heart and before she left she offered me a little palm tree, which was then called... belinda (so as to avoid any mistake, belinda with a small 'b' will be the plant).

I can say that I'm good with plants - not sure if you say this in english, but in french you'd say that I have ''green thumbs'' : every plant I touch flourishes, grows, shines and develops.

Well... all of them but little belinda who was stubborn about not showing any sign of development (nor of disease mind you) - I was so distressed by the stability of belinda that I actually cut a bit of a leaf to see if by any chance Belinda had not given me a (very good) plastic imitation of a palm tree.

No: belinda was for real. But if my canarian palm tree was adding one leaf every three week with a german punctuality, belinda kept quiet.

And then suddenly - this week - out of nowhere - three new leaves!


I hadn't see them coming and just discovered them as 10 cm shoots. They made me very happy: at least belinda was showing signs that she'd adapted and was being happy at Zitna...


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