Nostalgia 93

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A Cedric would say:

This is soooo 1998...

Except that this is about 1993.

I am putting order in my archive and throwing out a maximum of useless papers and I found this sketch book from my early days in Prague where I drew the portrait of my friends.

You can click on the picture to enlarge them + there are more pictures on my Flickr.

dessin 93 Ana dessin 93 matthew dessin 93 Francine dessin 93 Craig
dessin 93 Lisa dessin 93 Randall dessin 93 victoria dessin 93 Kathryn

I remember that for one of them, I asked her to pose because she was talking way too much and I was tired of it and asked her to pose quiet. I forgot who was Craig but Randall, a journalist and writer had a funny anecdote: he was probably the only heterosexual man to have come out as such in the world. He had been working in a gay magazine, everybody assuming he was gay but never bothering him with that (or trying to pick him up too aggressively which some heteros hate), he had no choice really because it was the end of the eighties and the jobs were scarce especially in the journalism industry. One day, the issue of the magazine was about Coming Out. And he proposed: would you like a paper on coming out as a straight guy?

They did not fire him.

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